Pisang (Banana)

Pisang (Banana)

Musa Acuminata

Pisang (Banana) probably originated in Indonesia where today they spring up in every available patch of earth. There are many varieties that can be divided intotwo main categories of those best for eating ripe an d those best for cooking with.

Pisang Ambon

Pisang (Banana)Pisang Ambon is the banana commonly found in Western grocery stores. It can be harvested while extremely green and keeps well during long journey to temperate countries. Bananas have only been commonly available in such countries since the advent of refrigerated shipping. If you must cook with a banana, it is best to use one that is still quite green.

Pisang Kepok

Pisang (Banana)Pisang Kepok is the plaintain which is often referred to by Western groceries as the "ivory banana". Plaintains have a resilient texture when cooked and are best when cooked ripe. Although they remain green when ripe, you can distinguish a ripe plaintain by its relative softness.

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