Indonesian Snacks

Indonesian Snacks

How can Indonesian society support such a vast legion of street food hawkers without resulting in the obesity so prevalent in the West? Eating light and eating often might be part of the secret to staying trim. Indonesian restaurants never serve the monster quantities so typical in America. Perhaps in order to save room for the next delicacy, Indonesians seem to prefer smaller, snack-sized portions.

Indonesian SnacksIndonesian Snacks

You might say that almost all Indonesian snacks is makanan kecil, or small food. Even servings of main dishes like fried rice or chicken sate, tend toward the petite. For small appetites the possibilities are unlimited for satisfying any tiny craving. Every warung is well stocked with mysterious little banana leaf packages and wide mouthed jars full of odd little cakes and crackers. There is always something small and novel to snack on.

However you are determined to spoil your supper, just add a little rice or some fried noodles and make a meal out of any of these snacks. For larger feast all of these condiments and snacks are suitable as appetizers or side dishes in any combination. The sambals and other sauces listed are not usually sold separately by street food vendors, but at home you can prepare some in advance of any foreseeable snack attack.

You can find the Indonesian snacks anywhere in Indonesian market, especially in Indonesian traditional market.

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