JUS BUAH (Fruit Smoothies)


Jus Buah (Fruit Smoothies)
Popular fruits and vegetables used in Jus Buah or Fruit Smoothies. It sold in restaurants and warungs include pepaya, nanas (pinesapple), pisang (banana), tomat (tomato), wortel (carrot), timun (cucumber), and alpukat (avocado). Jus apokat is usually mixed with sweetened chocolate condensed milk. This is also quite grand in a papaya or banana smoothie. You can add chocolate to condensed milk or use chocolate syrup to get similiar results. Any jus can be ordered campur (mixed) with other juices. Common mixtures are carrot with apple, cucumber with tomato, or papaya with banana.

How to make Jus Buah:

2 cups of your pavorite fruit
2 cups water
1 Tbs. sugar
1 cup chopped ice

2 Tbs. chocolate condensed milk

  • Remove disagreeable seeds and skins and blend the fruits and veggies with water, sugar and ice.
  • Add a swirl of chocolate if desired.

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