Jahe (Ginger)

Jahe (Ginger)

Zingiber Officinale

Rhizomes like Jahe (Ginger) have been utilized in Indonesia sinceancient times. In addition to cooking, healers brew them into their jamu (health potions) with jahe being especially good for indigestion.


Recipes will usually call for the fresh grated root. Grating a rhizome makes grinding easier and simplifies the specification of quantities. One inch from an average-sized ginger root is equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of dry, powdered ginger.

Ginger and all the other rhizomes used in Indonesian cooking can be stored for long periods frozen. You can grate off as much as needed without thawing it out and return the rest to the freezer. The fresh rhizome can also be cut in thin slices and dried. In this state it can be thrown directly into soups and teas, or it can be rehydrated in hot water for 30 minutes before grinding or chopping.

Jahe (Ginger)

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