Indonesian Beverages

Indonesian Beverages

Indonesian Beverages

There are so many kind of Indonesian Beverages. If you drive around for a whilein Java or Sumatra and you will eventually see piles of young coconuts lying along the roadside. Pull over and the seller will assist you in determining which coconut produces the coolest sound when knock on, and which has the most promising slosh of liquid in side. He or she will then skillfully hack a flat base suitable for standing on the table, and a small opening at the top for the insertion of a spoon and straw. Between sips you can scrape at the soft flesh and eat it with the spoon.

Indonesian DrinkIndonesian Drinks

You can make Indonesian beverages made with many methods/techniques. When making the drink for larger crowds, vendors mix the water and flesh from many young coconuts in a large basin with a huge iceberg of frozen water. In addition to the young coconut's meat, they will also sometimes add other fruits like sweet jackfruit, papaya, mango, and avocado.

Despite the invasion of Western-style bottled sugar waters, cool and icy Indonesian beverages or Indonesian drinks remain the number one choice among locals. Abundant rainfall and tropical heat provide the ideal climate for a bounty of tropical fruits that are utilized in icy drinks and blended into smoothies.

There is also entire category of minuman that provides cool relief with the added dimension of slippery textures for the tongue and throat. Cubes of agar-agar jelly, smooth-green rice-flour noodles, and the swollen gelatinous hulls of basil seeds are but a hint of what's to be enjoyed suspended in colorful liquids.

Some of these drinks have medicinal properties that will cool you down or heat you up. Further into this vein are the many jamus; the health potions which are widely consumed.

Despite the heat, hot drinks are also popular. In some areas the evenings are cool or even cold by Indonesian standards and on such a night there is nothing like a nice warm ginger tea or coffee.

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