Kopi Tubruk (Indonesian Coffee)

Kopi Tubruk
(Indonesian Coffee)

The secret to preparing excellent Kopi Tubruk (Indonesian coffee) is to grind the beans as fine as powder. This results in their swift descent to the bottom, and you won't get that gritty taste in your mouth. Typically kopi will be mixed with enough sugar to kill a Komodo dragon. If you want it back, as for it pahit (bitter). To make kopi jahe (ginger coffee), just throw in a few slices of ginger while you're boiling the water.

8 Tbs. cofee, powdered
4 Tbs. sugar

  • Spoon in 2 tablespoons of coffee for each glass along with any desired sugar.
  • Pour boiling water over grounds and stir. Allow to stand for a minute before drinking.

Kopi Tubruk (Indonesian Coffee)

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