Indonesian Dishes

Indonesian Dishes

The Indonesian dishes is different with western dishes. Indonesians don't really think in terms of dessert. If anything they might simply crave a little fresh fruit and some tea or coffee after a meal. But don't let that stop you from experimenting with desserts as the chemistry between coconut milk, palm sugar, and the pandan leaf is definitely worth exploring.

Indonesian DishesIndonesian dishes : Bacang
(Steamed sticky rice cakes and dipping sauce)

In the mornings you might be greeted by the kue lady peddling her backed, boiled, fried or steamed little cakes and pastries from door to door. A little like Indonesian dim sum, you never know what scrumptious goodies might lie wrapped up inside those banana leaves. Around noon when the heat is taking over, the "es" vendors come out with icy sundaes of all kinds. As things cool down in the afternoons little fried delicacies like pisang goreng (fried bananas) make the rounds. Later after you've had a chance to digest your dinner, you can try a giant chocolate-stuffed martabak.

Indonesian Dishes
Jenang and jadah in Bandung, West Java

As usual, Indonesians love to contrast flavors. Whether it be pouring a little salted coconut milk over some sweet black rice pudding, or serving some fiery bird peppers with sweet fried tempe, there is always a surprise in store. Hot candied ginger makes a regular appearance in sweet warm, and shocking combinations of fruit and gelatinous candied confections are mixed with wild abandon in icy treats that blur the line between a dessert and a beverage.

Indonesian Dishes(Assorted Kue)

Indonesian dishes like sundaes are also served in a glass with a straw, and others in a bowl with a spoon. The basic theme is to start with a mountain of shaved ice and proceed to adorn it with everything from tart tropical fruits, to brightly colored pearls of sago palm jelly, cubes of jellied agar-agar, and bits of fermented sticky rice. The entire affair is then topped with rose syrup and a dollop of sweetened condensed milk. It may sound disgusting, but if done right it's more refreshing than ice cream.

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