ES TELER (Mixed Fruit with Ice)

ES TELER (Mixed Fruit with Ice)

Es Teler (Mixed Fruit with Ice) literally means "intoxicated" and you might find it so with the right combination of fruits.

1 cup coconut milk
1pinch salt
1/2 cupchopped avocado
1/2 cup sweet jackfruit (ripened)
1/4 cup sweet condensed milk shaved or crushed ice

  • Make the coconut milk from a mature coconut or buy it canned. Heat to a gentle simmer being careful not to let it curdle. Dissolve in salt and allow to cool
  • Fill each glass with ice and add the tropical fruits. Cover each with 1/4 cup coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk.

Es Teler (Mixed Fruit with Ice)

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