Petai (Broad Stinky Beans)

Petai (Broad Stinky Beans)

Parkia Speciosa

Petai (Broad Stinky Beans)Petai (Broad Stinky Beans) twisted bean pods are typically several feet long and dangle from huge trees that still grow wild in the forests of Indonesia. When peeled pete vaguely resemble huge lima beans. If you hold your nose the taste is a bit like garlic with a hint of brussels sprouts and pumpkin seeds. The raw neabs are sometimes eaten directly out of the pods with or without first peeling the surrounding skin. In Indonesia pete is usually deep-fried and served with a chili sauce. It can also be stir-fried as in pete kapri tumis. You will sometimes find pete frozen and by its Thai name of sataw. It is also sometimes called petai or pete.

Petai (Broad Stinky Beans)
(Broad Stinky Beans)

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