Indonesian Vegetables

Indonesian Vegetables

It is easy to be a vegetarian in Indonesia. Plentiful rainfall and rich volcanic soil provide most of the region with a bounty of nutritious Indonesian vegetables. Because most dishes gain their unique flavors from vegetable source, just about any recipe can be made meat free. And widespread use of soy-beans for making tempe and tofu can satisfy all necessary protein requirements.

Indonesian VegetablesIndonesian Vegetables

Although a huge percentage of Indonesians live at or below the poverty level, their simple diet is far healthier than that of many Westerners. The vast assortment of sources from which they gain their sustenance also insures that all trace nutrients and minerals are consumed.

In addition to familiar vegatables, many less obvious parts of plant are utilized. For example the leaves of the cassava, long bean, papaya and shallot are all cooked in various dishes. Many of these plant parts are used for medicinal purpose such as lowering blood pressure or bringing down a fever.

Indonesian Vegetables
See the ingredient section for more information on sources and alternate names for the more hard to find Indonesian vegetables. If you can only find them canned, it helps to soak these Indonesian vegetables in a light solution of salt water for 10 minutes before rinsing with fresh water. If all else fails many tropical vegetables can be grown indors like house plants for a steady year-round supply.

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